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SubjectRe: linux kernel conf 0.5
Roman Zippel wrote:
> Hi,
> At you can find the
> latest version of the new config system. Besides various small bug
> fixes, it includes the following changes:
> - Improved mouse interface of qconf
> - qconf isn't build if QT isn't available
> - "if" ... "endif" block added
> - update to 2.5.35
> With the exception of the X interface I'm not planning any big visible
> changes anymore, so slowly I'd like to know any reason, why this config
> system shouldn't go into 2.5.x.
> Otherwise the little feedback I got was mostly positive, so if anything
> thinks the old config system is in any way better, I'd really like to
> know about it now (and if anyone wants to keep the old system, (s)he
> just volunteered to fix all the subtle differences between the three
> different parsers). So unless I hear objections rather soon, it's up to
> Linus.

How about posting a kernel patch (or link to one) that you feel is
suitable for 2.5.x integration? That makes it a bit easier to review in
context, and may help to resolve any final integration issues.

For the record I like what I've seen so far...


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