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SubjectRe: md multipath with disk missing ?
On Monday September 9, wrote:
> > > Does this only work with raid-autodetection ?
> > > When no autodetection is done and a drive is missing, would a raidstart
> > > kill the raid, since the drives are now available with other devices (sda
> > > instead of former sdb...) ?
> >
> > I don't understand your question, sorry.
> Example:
> We have sda - sdb (8 drives) and setup up a raidtab to tell linux that
> sda and sde are the same sdc - sdd etc.
> Now for some random error the server restarts and the former sda (path to
> that drive) is no longer available. So now we have sda,sdb...sdg.
> We do not use autodetect, but raidstart to activate the raid.

raidstart is broken by design and cannot cope with devices that change
device number (whether name in /dev is preserved or not. There are
device numbers in the superblock which raidstart trusts).

This is one of the reasons that I wrote mdadm

This affects all raid levels, not just multipath.

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