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Subject[ANNOUNCE] [PATCH] Linux-2.5.34-mcp1
Hi there,

since v2.5.25 the devel kernel series didn't boot for me. I've tested each new
version but without success. Saw "Loading Linux..." and after that, a blank
screen, even sysrq was non-working, even Serial Console didn't give me _any_
output. I was really afraid, since I was not able to find that problem, that
future 2.5.xx kernels won't boot for me also, BUT fortunately v2.5.34 boots
again for me :-) and is working fine so far and I am really impressed how
v2.5 goes ahead :-)

Therefor I decided to make a really small patch available for vanilla v2.5.34
kernel which includes the following:

o 2.5.34-mm1 (Andrew Morton)
o aty128 Framebuffer fixes (Paul Mackerras)
o ftape damage fix (Mikael Pettersson)
o devfs fix (Alexander Viro)
o do_syslog__down_try lock lockup (Ingo Molnar)
o floppy driver init/exit fixes (Mikael Pettersson)
o pcibios_fixup_irqs-static (Adam J. Richter)
o some tuning (me)
- OPEN_MAX 1024
- NR_FILE 65536
- int sysctl_local_port_range[2] = { 1024, 9999 };
o ext3 version information fix (me)
o ALSA v0.9.0rc3 (ALSA Team)
o XFS + KDB (2.5.33-20020908-cvs) (SGI)

I hope you need this a bit and find it usefull as I do.

Feedback welcome :)

fab4908b8b864fc36072d6f00ff64519 *linux-2.5.34-mcp1.patch.bz2
123067907208ee27eb93a04560667012 *linux-2.5.34-mcp1.patch.gz


Thanks goes out to all the great developers who made this possible !!

Kind regards
Marc-Christian Petersen

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Fingerprint: 3469 0CF8 CA7E 0042 7824 080A 569D E2E3 DB44 1A16
Key available at Encrypted e-mail preferred.

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