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SubjectRe: XFS?
On Tue, 10 Sep 2002 14:23:47 -0500, Shawn <> wrote:

>I'm not sure what this is intended to communicate.
>The question was specifically regarding filesystem support, so I'll
>assume you meant to point out that XFS does not always work like it
>Then, am I incorrect that since almost all of XFS that's left to merge
>is XFS code and not changes to the kernel at large?
>If this is correct, could I then make the assumption that merging XFS
>would be minimally impactful for those kernel user who do not enable it?
>Linus incorporated reiserfs long before it "always functioned as it is
>supposed to", so I find myself wondering where your point was.

If memory serves, Linus incorporated reiserfs after several major
distributors started including it. Linus seems to pay a lot of
attention to distributions in areas where he isn't so much interested.

So does Redhat/Suse/??? ship XFS yet?


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