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    Subject[PATCH] kbuild: clean and mrproper file list created dynamically 1/6
    o Create infrastructure in Rules.make to allow the individual makefiles
    to specify what files shall be deleted during clean and mrproper
    o Add .clean and .mrproper to ignore list


    diff -Nru a/Rules.make b/Rules.make
    --- a/Rules.make Tue Sep 10 22:37:37 2002
    +++ b/Rules.make Tue Sep 10 22:37:37 2002
    @@ -405,6 +405,27 @@

    targets += $(host-progs-single) $(host-progs-multi-objs) $(host-progs-multi)

    +# Saved generated files that needs cleaning up later.
    +# Filename are saved in $(objtree)/.clean and $(objtree)/.mrproper
    +# When make clean or make mrproper is executed, the files listed
    +# are deleted, and the file itselt is deleted.
    +# To add files to the list set clean or mrproper equal to the
    +# file, before inclusion of Rules.make. Rules.amke will prefix the
    +# file with the full directory path.
    +# ===========================================================================
    +clean := $(addprefix $(CURDIR)/,$(clean))
    +clean-file := $(objtree)/.clean
    +tmp := $(if $(clean),\
    +$(shell (if [ -f $(clean-file) ]; then cat $(clean-file); fi;\
    +echo $(clean)) | sort -u > $(clean-file)))
    +mrproper := $(addprefix $(CURDIR)/,$(mrproper) \
    +$(host-progs-single) $(host-progs-multi) $(host-progs-multi-objs))
    +mrproper-file := $(objtree)/.mrproper
    +tmp := $(if $(mrproper),\
    +$(shell (if [ -f $(mrproper-file) ]; then cat $(mrproper-file); fi;\
    +echo $(mrproper)) | sort -u > $(mrproper-file)))
    endif # ! modules_install
    endif # ! fastdep

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