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SubjectRe: Calculating kernel logical address ..
Andrew Morton wrote:
> Manfred Spraul wrote:
>>Andrew Morton wrote:
>>>Nobody seems to have come forth to implement a thought-out scatter/gather,
>>>map-user-pages library infrastructure so I'd be a bit reluctant to
>>>break stuff without offering a replacement.
>>We'd need one.
>>get_user_pages() is broken if a kernel module access the virtual address
>>of the page and the cpu caches are not coherent:
> OK. Most users seem to just want to put the pages under DMA though.
>>Most of the flush functions need the vma pointer, but it's impossible to
>>guarantee that it still exists when the get_user_pages() user calls
> Well presumably, if the driver is altering user memory by hand,
> it is synchronous and they can hang onto mmap_sem while doing it?

That's how it's done right now, and it works, but IMHO it's ugly.
You switch from RAID-1 to RAID-5, and suddenly you might get
unexplainable data corruptions with O_DIRECT.


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