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SubjectRe: [BK-PATCH-2.5] Introduce new VFS inode cache lookup function
Date said:
> The below ChangeSet against Linus' current BK tree adds a new function
> to the VFS, fs/inode.c::ilookup().

> This is needed in NTFS when writing out inode metadata pages via the
> VM dirty page code paths as we need to know whether there is an active
> inode in icache but we don't want to do an iget() because if the inode
> is not active then there is no need to write it... - I can just skip
> onto the next one instead... - If there is an active inode then I need
> to get the struct inode in order to perform appropriate locking for
> the write out to happen.

Yum. I need similar functionality for JFFS2 garbage collection. When moving
a data node, we currently iget() the inode to which it belongs and update
its in-core extent lists accordingly. If the inode in question wasn't
already present, there's no real need to do that.


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