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SubjectRe: VM changes added to performance patches for 2.4.19
Quoting Bill Davidsen <>:
> On Sat, 24 Aug 2002 wrote:
> > With the patch against 2.4.19:
> > Scheduler O(1), Preemptible, Low Latency
> > I have now added two extra alternative patches that include
> > either Rik's rmap (thanks Rik) or AA's vm changes (thanks to Nuno Monteiro
> for
> > merging this)
> > For the record, with the (very) brief usage of these two patches I found
> the
> > rmap patch a little faster. This is very subjective and completely
> untested.
> > Check them out here and tell me what you think(please read the FAQ):
> >
> The ck3-aa patch has worked perfectly for me until I try to shut down. At
> that point I get to "turning off swap" and the system hangs with the disk
> light on. Can't get a dump, and it doesn't happen every time, but enough
> that I am very cautious in what I do at shutdown. Total hang ignoring
> sysreq.
> Athlon 1.4GHz, 1GB RAM, hda:30GB, hdc:40GB, 20x CD-R, multiple NICs, two
> local networks, one PPP over high speed serial.

Check on the website and you'll see that there have been two upgrades. The -ck5
patch now includes the -aa vm changes by default, and the hang on shutdown (due
to swapoff failing) has been fixed. For the record, the ck5 patch is the last
one until a new compressed cache patch becomes available for 2.4.19 and I will
merge that to make a -ck6 patch. The ck5 patch has proven to be very stable and
I am satisfied that it needs no further changes till the compressed cache patch
becomes available, so I recommend you upgrade to that.

Con Kolivas.
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