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    SubjectBenchmarks for performance patches (-ck) for 2.4.19

    My merged patchset ( was designed to improve system
    responsiveness. I have yet to find a good benchmark that measures such a thing.
    However, in response to criticism about not providing benchmarks I have made
    available some standard benchmarks at the excellent resources of the open source
    development laboratory scalable test platform. They are available here:

    my patchsets are the following:
    -ck5 patch is patch #781
    -ck5-rmap is #782
    -ck5-ll is #783

    I have conducted some basic tests on #781 and the numbers show it is at least
    equivalent to stock 2.4.19 (#747), although as I said none of these benchmarks
    are designed to test desktop system responsiveness.

    Please feel free to conduct any tests you like on these patches. I would be
    interested to hear if anyone can suggest the most suitable benchmark. Please cc
    me to ensure I receive any comments.

    Con Kolivas
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