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SubjectLinux ELF Implementation
hey people :)

i would be greatful if one of you knowledgeable people could settle a bet
for me...

im learning about the ELF specification with a friend of mine, were hoping
to get a better understanding of how these things work, and a wild idea
occurred to us - would it be possible to create a valid ELF executable from
purely printable ASCII characters ?

by that i mean, you would be able to literally cat > a.out and enter your
executable from the keyboard! it wouldnt have todo anything, just return

the file wouldnt have to be portable, only the fields that the kernel is
going to notice would have to be present, so long as it executes!

im convinced the answer is no - but my friend says it is, he says hes seen
it done in PE format ( although we cant find it on the web ) and therefore
theres no reason why it couldnt be done in ELF.

Thanks so much!!

[ please cc me if possible, im not a subscriber and will save me waiting for
the responses to show up on google! ]

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