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SubjectRe: 64bit clean drivers was Re: Linux 2.4.20-pre1

[Peter Samuelson]
> > !y == n
> > !m == n
> > !n == y

[Roman Zippel]
> I would define !m as m, e.g. it would allow
> dep_tristate "" CONFIG_OLD !$CONFIG_NEW
> dep_tristate "" CONFIG_NEW !$CONFIG_OLD

You know, that never even occurred to me. Your scheme is not strictly
"logical", but it is much more practical, since it is perfect for
expressing a relatively common (and currently awkward) case.

I'm convinced. Now we have
!y == n
!m == m (significant for dep_tristate and dep_mbool)
!n == n

BTW, does anyone have a problem with my proposal (for 2.5, not
necessarily 2.4) for '/dep_/s/ \$CONFIG/ CONFIG/g' ? That is,



- the config files are more readable, especially when using "!"

- can support the old syntax with no extra code

and most importantly

- resolves the parsing difficulty with detecting an undefined value
in dep_* statements. Currently the undefined value is documented as
"ignored, but try to avoid the situation".

which leads to

- allows us to drop all those 'define_bool CONFIG_FOO n' statements
whose main purpose was to avoid the empty value

Eh? I posted a patch earlier; it was trivial, despite having a syntax
error in Configure (deleted a '', forgot the 'done') which
only proves that I don't test stuff very rigorously. Menuconfig
actually shrunk, due to factoring. If and when I get my head around
xconfig, we'll see how ugly this stuff does or doesn't get, but then
again, if xconfig were made uglier, would anyone notice?

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