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SubjectRe: O_SYNC option doesn't work (2.4.18-3)
Trond Myklebust wrote:
>>>>>>" " == Gregory Giguashvili <> writes:
> >> You'll have to ask RedHat. 2.4.18-3 is *not* a stock Linux
> >> kernel.
> > What about 2.4.7-10 (Default for RH7.2)? I was referring to the
> > latest version I have...
> Same story. RedHat/Suse/... all patch their kernels with extra stuff
> that often is not included in any of Marcelo/Linus' "standard"
> kernels. The latter are found on and mirrors...

??? You tell us that this list is only made for official kernels?
In this case it would not flood my mailing box, no -ac, no -arca/-aa,
no -dj, no..., no ide-2.4, no experimental patches... NO DEVELOPMENT!

NOO. This list is also for bug report of RH/Debian/SuSE/connectiva... kernels.
The pourpose of lkml is not only the development but also to find the
stablest kernel. The errata of RH (and other) will help Marcelo and Alan
to find the right patches to include in the official kernels.


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