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SubjectRe: SMB browser
>> Then the user access /smb/WG2/Machine38/Share12/Dir1/File2
>> Cool, no?
> I see some shortcomings :
> How will you handle multiple users ?
> Janice and Bob have accounts on the Linux client and both want to have
> access at the same time to their [Home] for example :
> |-- DOM1 --|-- Machine4--|--[Home]

To access files on the server share, the client must send authentication
tockens. This should be send by the daemon and must be get from a file
on the disk that each user shuold have (the kerberos ticket got by PAM).
If no file (or invalid one) is available, then it should be accessed as

> How will you handle users with multiple logins on a Domain/Machine ?

The user will already been logged on ONE domain controller.

> Maybe you'd be better starting with something like :
> local_user_home_directory--|--smb--|--login--|--WGx/DOMy--|....

I don't understand why a per-user directory tree should be needed. A
per-machine tree should be enough.

This doesn't answer my question:
How do I communicate between a kernel driver and a userspace program?
What is the best method in terms of:
- simplicity (first implementation)
- efficacity (second implementation, performance oriented)
Is it viy UNIX sockets?
Is it ioctls?
Or shared memory?


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