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Subject2.4.19 trashes CMOS

I'm really not sure who to send this to since I have no idea when or
where it happens.

The problem does not happen on version 2.4.18 or any earlier version. I
checkout the hardware after constantly getting CMOS checksum errors on
bootup. There is no hardware problem.

My configurations of 2.4.18 and 2.4.19 are identical. They are SMP
kernels for a dual PIII on a Tyan S1836DLUAN motherboard. I used gcc3.1
to compile both kernels.
If I boot 2.4.19 and then ask it to reboot (no power off). I do
"shutdown -r now" the CMOS will be trashed. I've gone back to the 2.4.18
kernel and the problem is gone.

I'll be happy to look at the problem in detail if someone can tell me
where to start looking. I'm a professional programmer with experience in
writing operating systems. I haven't looked at the Linux kernel in any
detail though.

Please reply to me directly since I don't subscribe to this list.



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