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SubjectVega Buddy B-210A
I was wondering if anyone could help me with this, or at least point me in
a direction.

It seems like a while ago I read an article talking about a card that
could be placed in a Linux machine which added an extra mouse, keyboard
and VGA port and allowed for two workstations off of one computer.

While strolling around today I found something that did this in the Vega
Buddy B-210A. This card is PCI and has a Cat5 out. This cat5 runs to a
box which breaks the signal out to Mouse, Keyboard, VGA.

Running Redhat 7.3 I can get the OS to detect the Video Adapter that is
built in to the card, but the rest of the stuff doesn't seem to get
detected. Is this possible with linux and if so is there some option that
needs to be added to the kernel to get it to work? I understand if it
isn't, I mean this is kinda a random piece of equipment, but I was sure I
had read about something like this being used, though I cannot seem to
find the article via google.

Thanks for reading this and any help you might give, also I am not
subscribed right now, so if you could please CC me on any replies.

Brent Norris (
Assistant Technology Coordinator, Edmonson County Schools
H: 270.563.9226

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