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SubjectLinux 2.2.22rc2
This is going straight to rc1 because it contains a lot of security fixes
for local security problems found by Silvio's audit Solar Designer and
a couple of other folks. The other stuff is minor and is the entire 2.2
pending queue anyway.

Special thanks go to Openwall who did pretty much all of the security
backporting work. This is mostly their kernel update not mine.

o Fix isofs over loopback problems (Balazs Takacs)
o Backport 2.4 shutdown/reset SIGIO from 2.4 (Julian Anastasov)
o Fix error reporting in OOM cases (Julian Anastasov)
o List a 2.2 maintainer in MAINTAINERS (Keith Owens)
o Set atime on AF_UNIX sockets (Solar Designer)
o Restore SPARC MD boot configuration (Tomas Szepe)
o Multiple further sign/overflow fixes (Solar Designer)
o Fix ov511 'vfree in interrupt' (Mark McClelland)

o Backport 2.4 neighbour sending fix (Chris Friesen)
o Fix a sign handling slackness in apm (Silvio Cesare)
o Fix a sign handling error in rio500 (Silvio Cesare)
o Indent depca ready for cleanups (me)
o Update VIA C3 recognition (Diego Rodriguez)
o Fix a sysctl handling bug (MIYOSHI Kazuto)
o Fix a netlink error handling bug in ipfw (Alexander Atanasov)
o 3ware IDE RAID update (Adam Radford)
o Note ioctl clash on 0x5402 (Pavel Machek)
o Typo fix (Dan Aloni)
o Update Riley's contact info (Riley Williams)
o Alpha ptrace fixes (Solar Designer)
o Multiple security fix backports (Solar Designer)
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