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SubjectRe: ide-2.4.20-pre4-ac2.patch
>Rejected. I found several errors, a couple of strange reverts and some
>files being moved to clearly wrong places. It also mixes up multiple
>Andre to make this work I need
> - One change per patch (within reason)
> - An explanation of what it does
>For example I've got files you moved and changed, looking at that in
>diff is a right pita. I've got a big diff with errors in it (eg gayle in
>ppc) I can't easily be sure I can cleanly drop parts of.
>Lets start with the file moving. Send me a diff for the Config/Makefile
>and a lit of the files to move and where. Gayle I think should be m68k
>not ppc (actually Im pretty sure), CMD640 is PCI so why file it in
>legacy. "legacy" I took to mean pre PCI rather than "I think its junk"

Andre, you should probably remove my "patch0" from your patch
(the very first one I sent you to fix PPC compile on -ac so
you could test on your PPC). Alan already have it, I sent it
more for your own tests on PPC than for inclusion in your
patch, which is why I sent it separately from the other IDE
related patches.


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