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SubjectRe: bonding quits working properly after a short time
> I have disabled the bonding for now.  This system 
> has been working fine without bonding for quite
> some time with 2.4.14pre6 using eth0.

since you've disabled bonding, have you tried
both interfaces or only one of them ? eg: if
your system works fine on the tulip, it may be
the other one behaving badly.

> also, in searching about this problem I read some
> old messages about bonding being non SMP safe,
> is that still true? this is a dual PPro 200
> system.

very old, it was one of the reasons I modified
the driver a few years ago, and should be OK

> P.S. I didn't see anything in the MAINTAINERS
> file on bonding but Willy's name seems to be
> associated with the project so I cc'd him.

well, I don't have much time to spend on this
anymore, perhaps Chad Tindel has, but I doubt it.
that's the reason why I nearly didn't work on
the 2.4 port. But I still read reports, and
sometimes reply :-)


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