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SubjectRe: [qlogicisp.c PROBLEM 2.5] OOPS: "Unable to handle kernel paging request ..."
On Fri, Aug 30, 2002 at 10:30:46AM +0200, Morten Helgesen wrote:
> Hey, Jason and Bryon!
> Got this one last night - it is def. reproducible. Vanilla 2.5.32.
> Haven't got time to look into this myself until tonight, so I thought
> I should let you guys know.

Aah - looks like it is PCI DMA related. I`ll see if I can whip up a patch
this weekend.

> Anyone on lkml with comments ? I don`t get this OOPS with 2.4.19, and
> the changes from qlogicisp.c in 2.4.19 to qlogicisp.c in 2.5.32 look
> minimal. Only cli -> spinlock and io_request_lock -> host->host_lock
> as far as I can see from a quick glance.



"Livet er ikke for nybegynnere" - sitat fra en klok person.

Morten Helgesen
UNIX System Administrator & C Developer
Nextframe AS / 93445641
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