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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: conflict between apm and system clock on Inspiron 8100
Hi Shephen,

I tried this early on, but I just tried it again to
make sure. There is no noticeable effect from setting
apm=allow_ints at the boot prompt. So either my
command is not getting set, or the BIOS itself is
restricting the interrupts? Is there a way to check
that I did indeed allow interrupts?
I don't know much about BIOS hacking, any
suggestions about how to get the code for the BIOS
(other than disassembling it)? I bet Dell isn't going
to give it to me. I am struggling to get them to even
understand the problem.


--- Stephen Rothwell <> wrote:
> OK, for the Dells, we autodetect the 4000 series and
> allow
> interrupts during BIOS calls, but not the 8000's
> (unless
> your RedHat patched kernel does this). So could you
> try
> booting with "apm=allow_ints" on the command line
> (or load
> the apm modules with "allow_ints=1"). and try again.
> If
> this changes things, then we need to add the 8100 to
> the
> list of things we automatically allow interrupts
> for.
> The default from the very beginning has been to
> disable interrupts
> and on most machines this works fine. The option of
> leaving
> interrupts enabled was introduced when we discovered
> that the
> Thinkpads won't resume if you disable them ...

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