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SubjectPassing kernel parameters
I went ahead on a new server and decided to set up a 2.4 kernel.  Since 
this was going to be a cdimage server I needed what ever HD power I could
get out of it, and more than the standard 8 loop devices. Looking around I
found that I should just be able to pass the 'idebus' and 'max_loop'
parameters to the kernel instead of having to rebuild a kernel.

Unfortunately this is not working. dmesg for ide still shows the following:

ide: Assuming 33MHz system bus speed for PIO modes; override with

despite the fact that I've specified 'idebus=66' and the following lines note:

VP_IDE: VIA vt82c596b (rev 12) IDE UDMA66 controller on pci00:07.1

and unless I actually pass 'max_loop=255' on an insmod line mounting the
first loop device gives me:

loop: loaded (max 8 devices)

I've tried this w/ the parameters as an append line both globaly and in the
specific kernel stanza I'm loading. I've tried just the idebus parameter
alone since the max_loop parameter isn't as critical on boot (I have other
scripts mounting the 'cds').

Am I doing something wrong here? I just don't see where I've not done what
the docs say.

Till Later,

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