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SubjectRe: /pub/linux/kernel/people/hedrick/ide-2.5.32
Andre Hedrick wrote:
> ...
> There is one more thing to fix.
> ./fs/mpage.c
> /*
> * The largest-sized BIO which this code will assemble, in bytes. Set this
> * to PAGE_CACHE_SIZE if your drivers are broken.
> */
> This is confirmed with Al Viro and was required to make things sane!

You'll need to do the same thing to fs/direct-io.c:DIO_BIO_MAX_SIZE
in that case.

I'd suggest that you just go in and change BIO_MAX_SECTORS
to 64. Or 32 if you happen to be using a qlogic controller :(

So everything's broken in there - a hardwired constant doesn't
cut it. Jens is cooking up an `add_page_to_bio()' API which
will do the right thing based upon q->max_sectors. But that
is not yet available.
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