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SubjectRe: Loop devices under NTFS
On Thu, 29 Aug 2002, Adam J. Richter wrote:
> Here are the three approaches that I can think of and their
> major pros and cons:
> 1. Make loop.c never use {prepare,commit}_write.
> 2. As you mention (but do not endorse) in your posting to gfs-devel,
> modify loop.c so that it does not use {prepare,commit}_write
> on OpenGFS, but does on other file systems (to avoid a data copy).
> 3. Make OpenGFS (and potentially other future file systems)
> export a {prepare,commit}_write that works with loop.c, as
> documented in Documentation/filesystem/Locking.

And why not 4., have a per fs flag (say fs_{,set_,clear_,}generic_aops())
(or per superblock flag or whatever, perhaps a per address space flag
even?) specifying whether the fs' aops support loop or not. loop.c then
simply does:

if (fs_generic_aops()/fs_aops_support_loop()/whatever...)
use aops ->readpage and ->{prepare,commit}_write
use fops ->read and ->write

I guess that is like point 2, just making it a simple generic mechanism so
that loop always works yet users of address spaces are free to implement
their ->readpage and ->{prepare,commit}_write anything they want...

Best regards,

Anton Altaparmakov <aia21 at> (replace at with @)
Linux NTFS maintainer / IRC: #ntfs on
WWW: &

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