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SubjectRe: 2.4.20-pre4-ac1 trashed my system
On Thu, 2002-08-29 at 20:15, Mike Isely wrote:
> I've done some more looking through the lkml archives and I found
> discussions from March / April about LBA48 problems and the Promise
> controller. Clearly from that, exactly how well LBA48 works seems to

That was when the original work got done if I remember rightly

> depend a lot on whether or not PIO vs DMA vs UltraDMA is being used.
> Also it looks like if CONFIG_IDE_TASKFILE_IO is on then things may yet
> be different. To those points, I can add these details for my
> situation: I believe the driver was in UltraDMA mode at the time and I
> had CONFIG_IDE_TASKFILE_IO turned on.

PIO LBA48 seems to work on all promise
Early promise needs a helping hand with DMA LBA48, one promise doesnt
seem to do DMA LBA48 on secondary at all, and newer stuff gets it right.

> all. I understand the doubt. The simple fact however is that I still
> have a trashed system, and it happened only after updating the kernel.
> I know that's not a lot to go on, and again I apologize for lack of
> detail. I originally wasn't going to post to lkml about this; I have
> been a quiet Linux user for 8+ years and really felt that a problem of
> this severity would probably already have been noticed. I really

You've actually provided prety much all the key information. The things
that matter are:

The file system was known good, passed fsck before you ran the
recent kernel

The file system wasnt good after this

The problem is replicatable

And what controller/drives which you've provided.

> If I'm the only one that has hit this - another reason for doubt -
> then I guess have no choice but to dig deeper. I can't really leave
> the broken system like this to play with. However I do have a smaller
> spare hard drive and I'll make that the new system disk, leaving the
> 160GB Maxtor attached to the Promise controller (with nothing valuable
> on it). I should be able to replicate the corruption and provide more
> information here, hopefully while still having a usable system.

If you can replicate it and find out where the problem begins that would
be wonderful in itself.

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