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SubjectRe: Loop devices under NTFS
On Wed, 28 Aug 2002 10:36:29 +0200, Urban Widmark wrote:
>smbfs has aops but when used with the current loop.c it corrupts the file
>it is using. I can't say that the error is in loop.c but it is the only
>way I can trigger the corruption and the smbfs aops (locking) aren't all
>that different from the nfs ones.

I think you're just exercising a bug in the stock
loop.c that I fixed in a recent patch for 2.5.31 loop.c.
It occurred when the of the file system block size was less than
than a page size, which I believe is what mke2fs will default to
for a ~20MB file system, as in your example. The fix is item #3
discussed in my posting of an earlier version of the loop.c patch:

although I posted a newer version of the loop.c patch
(which also has the fix but does not discuss it in the message text)

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