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SubjectRe[04]: GPG/PGP-signatures
Hi David,

Comments below ...

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On Wed, 28 Aug 2002 01:32:29 +0200
On (Wed) 2002-08-28 01:32:29 +0200
David Weinehall wrote in Message-ID:

To: "John L. Males" <>
From: David Weinehall <>
Subject: Re: GPG/PGP-signatures
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 01:32:29 +0200

> On Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 12:59:14PM -0400, John L. Males wrote:
> > David,
> >
> > I just discovered your eMail posting on "GPG/PGP-signatures" of 14
> > August 2002. Your eMail indicated that I was BCC'ed in. I can
> > advise you I did not receive a copy of this posting.
> Sorry, probably missed you out.

No problem. Just thought wyou might like to know in case you were
unaware of a technical problem.

> > I have checked the key server and find the key for the ID of this
> > eMail note to be there. I did eMAil you back after loading my key
> > to confirm that I had correctly uploaded my GPG key to the key
> > server. My PGP keys have been on the keyserver for some time. I
> > use PGP on Windows NT when it is working (Been down since Mid
> > may), and GPG on Linux. At some point I will manage to move over
> > to GPG keys on NT. I would be happy to upload my other GPG keys
> > to the key server once I am certain I have uploaded my keys
> > correctly.
> >
> > Would you be so kind as to confirm I have uploaded my key for the
> > below noted eMail address ID. Sorry of the manner I am using for
> > hiding my eMail address makes things difficult, but at 20- 30 SPAM
> > eMails a day I had to take action to prevent further abuse of my
> > eMail addresses.
> The key you signed this e-mail with (6eeaf716) is available on
>, but I cannot find your other key (99ed3565), and
> this was the key listed as missing in my original post.

Ok, the other key is now up and should be making it way to the other
key servers. I did not post the 0x99ed3565 key, as I had not heard of
the 0x6eeaf716 key was loaded correctly.

> Spam is something that affects us all. Use procmail and/or
> spamassassin. Probably works better anyway, because sooner or later
> your address will end up in some e-mail...

There are other solutions. For now I need to use this solution until
I have the current matter purged and under control before using a more
effective solution beyond filtering.

> Regards: David Weinehall
> --
> /> David Weinehall <> /> Northern lights wander
> <\
> // Maintainer of the v2.0 kernel // Dance across the winter sky
> //\> </ Full colour fire
> </


John L. Males
Willowdale, Ontario
28 August 2002 01:35


"Boooomer ... Boom Boom, how are you Boom Boom" Boomer 1985 -

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My appologies in advance, but this is mandated work
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