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SubjectLinux 2.4.20-pre5

Here goes pre5.

Mainly merging with Alan and others.

Summary of changes from v2.4.20-pre4 to v2.4.20-pre5

o 2.4.20-pre[234] hosed /proc/partitions fix

o Fix scheduler's RT behaviour

o PPC32: Add support for SBS Palomar 4 board

o SPARC64: Initial Cheetah-plus support, not fully debugged yet

o Another JFFS2 oops fix

o latest version of i8k module

o Re: [PATCH] PPC64 update to 2.4.19-rc1

o Merge ETHTOOL_GDRVINFO support for several pcmcia net drivers
o update drm to XFree 4.2 version
o use -iwithprefix to find gcc headers
o fix theoretical race init pagefault init survive path

o drivers_usb_usb-uhci.c, typo: the the, missing 'of'
o drivers_usb_auerswald.c, typo: the the
o net/ipv4/netfilter/ip_conntrack_core.c: Fix comment typo
o net/ipv4/netfilter/ip_nat_core.c: Fix comment typo

o tridentfb bitdepths in

o Correct xdr_shift_buf prototype in inc/linux/sunrpc/xdr.h to match implementation (s/unsigned int/size_t/).

o net/ipv4/ipconfig.c: Add support for multiple nameservers

o Support for Buffalo 40GB USB hard disk

o net/ipv6/netfilter/ip6_tables.c: Fix extension header parsing bugs

o USB: ov511 1.61 for 2.4

o PPC32: add support for the IBM "Spruce" reference platform
o PPC32: clean up the interrupt handling on the APUS platform

o 2.4.20-pre4/ext3: Handle dirty buffers encountered
o 2.4.20-pre4/ext3: Fix "buffer_jdirty" assert failure
o 2.4.20-pre4/ext3: Fix the "dump corrupts filesystems"
o 2.4.20-pre4/ext3: Fix buffer alias problem
o 2.4.20-pre4/ext3: Truncate leak fix
o 2.4.20-pre4/ext3: Fix out-of-inodes handling
o 2.4.20-pre4/ext3: fsync optimisation
o 2.4.20-pre4/ext3: Fix truncate restart error
o 2.4.20-pre4/ext3: Performance fix for O_SYNC behaviour

o net/unix/af_unix.c: Set ATIME on socket inode

Alan Cox <>:
o SBUS: extern->static inline
o these were wrong - they've been right in -ac for ages
o add for new synclink mp
o parisc
o note the initrd vanishing bug and block size issue
o docs for isapnp update in pre4
o make synclink vars static
o fix wrap handling in ieee1394
o fix warning in i2o
o set DMA mask in i2o
o typo fixes for aic7xxx
o ixj wrong definition
o zorro proc should use loff_t too
o hppa also needs a weird kstat
o only egcs had this problem so dont pad on 2.95+
o cache align the irq stat
o sparc64 fix pcibios for changes in pre4
o new dmi entries
o long standing khttpd fix
o generic part of rw trylocks
o update parport ifdefs for HPPA
o resend - HIL input bus
o down_write_trylock
o fix EFS on cd crash
o add hppa to fbcon data
o quieten the latency message
o ppc64 missing ioctl32 gunk
o hppa like ia64 doesnt use the old ipc structs
o new sem_getcount means this cna go
o more typo fixes
o typo fixes ctd
o fix the via rhine
o fix bttv_read type error
o fix detected_devices type error
o isdn gcc warning fixer
o vt.c clean up ifdefs
o update /proc description
o journalling docs
o PCI fixes
o docs for ldm update
o ps2esdi - wrong bit
o driver for AMD watchdog
o add synclink_mp
o saner error return for hotplug
o i2o typo fix
o e1000 - return without code
o decruft smodem
o fix pci_release/request_regions bugs
o fix __FUNCTION__ in irda-usb

Alexey Kuznetsov <>:
o arch/i386/lib/checksum.S: Handle zero length

Brian Beattie <>:
o patch for 2.4 scanner.h add device ids

David S. Miller <>:
o arch/sparc64/defconfig: Update
o include/linux/sunrpc/svcsock.h: Make sk_flags a long
o include/linux/sunrpc/svcsock.h: sk_flags must be a long for bitops
o SPARC: Update for changed pcibios_enable_device args
o include/linux/sunrpc/xdr.h: Kill xdr_zero_buf decl, fix xdr_shift_buf args
o arch/sparc64/mm/ultra.S: Fix branch condition in __cheetah_flush_tlb_range
o include/asm-sparc/types.h: No need to make dma64_addr_t 64-bits on sparc32
o SPARC64: Fix obscure cheetah+ hangs
o TIGON3: Add missing udelay when clearing SRAM stats/status block
o SPARC64: Fix DRM to use new not old drivers
o net/unix/af_unix.c: Set msg_namelen in unix_copy_addr properly, define MODULE_LICENSE
o net/ipv4/tcp_diag.c: Avoid unaligned accesses to tcpdiag_cookie
o SPARC64:setup_arch Flush correct I-cache line when patching irqsz_patchme
o SPARC64: Ultra-III+ bug fix and better bad trap logging

Greg Kroah-Hartman <>:
o USB: documentation updates
o USB: ov511 driver update to the latest version
o USB: pegasus driver update to the latest version
o microtek driver update to the latest version
o wacom driver update to fix incorrect data problem
o USB: minor cleanups and __FUNCTION__ fixes
o USB: fix some USB 2.0 hub bugs
o update to latest version of rtl8150 driver
o minor printer driver fixes
o stv680 driver update to latest version
o USB: usb-ohci bug fix for slow machines and cardbus bug fix
o USB: uhci incorrect bit operations and FSBR timeout fixes
o added entry for the ACPI PCI Hotplug driver
o PCI Hotplug: fixed oops when accessing pcihpfs

Hanna Linder <>:
o path_lookup for 2.4.20-pre4

Hugh Dickins <>:
o M386 flush_one_tlb invlpg

James Morris <>:
o [NETFILTER]: ip{,6}_queue.c cleanups and fixes

Jeff Garzik <>:
o Fix 8139cp 64-bit DMA support
o Update e1000 net driver for two small ethtool fixes

Marcelo Tosatti <marcelo@plucky.distro.conectiva>:
o Revert broken cpqarray statistics change in previous -pre
o Readded context_swtch to kernel_stat structure
o Changed EXTRAVERSION to -pre5

Neil Brown <>:
o SUNRPC 1 of 3 - The new "sk_flags" word in struct svc_sock
o SUNRPC 2 of 3 - Fix two problems with multiple concurrent
o SUNRPC 3 of 3 - Call svc_sock_setbufsize when socket

Rob Radez <>:
o SPARC32: Sparc32 compile fixes with CONFIG_PCI enabled

Rusty Russell <>:
o [PATCH] duplicate declarations #2
o 2.5: kconfig missing OBSOLETE (2_3) again
o Documentation_filesystems_devfs_README, typo: the the
o Trivial Patch to SonyCD535 documentation
o drivers_net_rcpci45.c, typo: the the
o drivers_net_pcmcia_xircom_cb.c, typo: the the,
o Re: pci_alloc_consistant gfp flag fix
o drivers_net_winbond-840.c, typo: the the
o list_for_each_entry

Scott Feldman <>:
o e100 net driver update 1/3
o e100 net driver update 2/3
o e100 net driver update 3/3
o e1000 net driver update 1/5
o e1000 net driver update 2/5
o e1000 net driver update 3/5
o e1000 net driver update 4/5
o e1000 net driver update 5/5

Tim Waugh <>:
o 2.4.20-pre4: parportbook thinko

Tom Rini <>:
o PPC32: separate finding and parsing the info from the boot wrapper
o PPC32: implement hooks for extra PCI fixups needed on some platforms
o PPC32: Add hooks for Abatron BDI2000 debugger, extra compile flags

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