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SubjectRe: problems with changing UID/GID
Alan Cox <> writes:

>> But, the credentials are per-task in Linux, so it's possible to have
>> two tasks in a process running under different UIDs.
> Really useful isnt it

And not supported by GNU libc, neither officially nor by the current
implementation. :-(

I'd really like to have an explicit parameter for all these process
attributes (the credentials, chroot, maybe something else I'm missing
here; some kind of handle is probably required). chroot() on open()
wouldn't have to require privileges, so it could help web servers
quite a bit.

Some day, I'm going to implement something like this in userspace
(using a privileged daemon and file descriptor passing). But
performance will be horrible.

Florian Weimer Weimer@CERT.Uni-Stuttgart.DE
University of Stuttgart http://CERT.Uni-Stuttgart.DE/people/fw/
RUS-CERT fax +49-711-685-5898
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