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SubjectRe: 2.4.1[89] boot problem

I've been tracking down my booting problem, and while reviewing old
email, found that in trying to track down (and never succeeding) a VM
problem last fall, I determined that any kernel after 2.4.15-pre2
would not boot on my machine. So, something changed between
2.4.15-pre2 and 2.4.15-pre3 that means linux will not boot. The
symptom is that the boot sequence displays "Loading linux-2.4.19..."
but never display "Uncompressing". I've enclosed the 2.4.15-pre3
Changelog. Any ideas which of the changes would have affected

- Al Viro: sanity-check user arguments, zero-terminated strings etc.
- Urban Widmark: smbfs update (server/client cache coherency etc)
- Rik van Riel, Marcelo Tosatti: VM updates
- Cort Dougan: PPC updates
- Neil Brown: raid1/5 failed drive fixups, NULL ptr checking, md error cleanup
- Neil Brown: knfsd fix for 64-bit architectures, and filehandle resolveir
- Ken Brownfield: workaround for menuconfig CPU selection glitch
- David Miller: sparc64 MM setup fix, arpfilter forward port
- Keith Owens: Remove obsolete IPv6 provider based addressing
- Jari Ruusu: block_write error case cleanup fix
- Jeff Garzik: netdriver update


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