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SubjectRe: Loop devices under NTFS
At 05:48 27/08/02, Andre Bonin wrote:
>I don't know if this is kernel-related.

It is.

>I'me trying to mount my redhat iso's off an NTFS mount but I get a strange
>error. Here is the exact command I am entering:
>"mount -o loop -r -t iso9660 /mnt/win_d/Source/Iso/Red\ Hat\
>7.3/valhalla-i386-disc1.iso /mnt/rh7.3/cd1"
>It gives me an error
>"ioctl: LOOP_SET_FD: Invalid argument"
>A quick grep found that "Invalid argument" comes from:
>'acsi.c:322: { 0x24, "Invalid argument" }'

Your grep was too quick...

>Anyone have any ideas?

Yes, you forgot to tell us which kernel version you are using! And even
more importantly which NTFS driver version?

If you are using 2.4.x then you are likely to have the old ntfs driver
which does NOT support mounting of loopback devices.

If you are using 2.5.x then you have the new driver and what you did ought
to have worked without problems. Also, if you are using 2.4.18/19/20-pre
you could be using the new driver by installing our patches - you can get
the patch for 2.4.19 from:
or you can clone/pull from our bitkeeper repository which is currently at
2.4.20-pre4 or so:

So check your kernel & ntfs version and if your ntfs driver version is 1.*
then you know you have the old driver and if you have 2.* then you know you
have the new driver.

Once again the old driver will not work. The new one should work just fine.

Best regards,


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