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SubjectRe: VM changes added to performance patches for 2.4.19
Hi Bill,

> ...
> against my current production kernel, 2.4.19-ac4. Machine in Athlon
> 1400MHz, 1GB RAM, 20+30GB WD disks.
> ...
> Then I did my nightly backup of a scanned documentation project, making a
> CD image from the scans, currently ~570MB. I was on ck3-aa, and I said
> "self, that seemed pretty fast!" So I rebooted cold and tried the mkisofs
> with both kernels, twice each.

> 2.4.19-ac4 2.4.19-ck3-aa
> mkisofs 570MB 2:05 1:14

with WOLK v3.6 and only ONE harddisk drive:

root@codeman:[/] # du -skh /home
605M /home
root@codeman:[/] # find /home|wc -l
root@codeman:[/] # time mkisofs -o /delme.iso -allow-multidot -iso-level 3 -J
-max-iso9660-filenames -U -R /home

real 1m12.872s
user 0m1.840s
sys 0m10.800s

with one big file:

root@codeman:[/] # du -skh /home/onebigfile.delme
620M /home
root@codeman:[/] # time mkisofs -o /delme.iso -allow-multidot -iso-level 3 -J
-max-iso9660-filenames -U -R /home/onebigfile.delme

real 0m35.676s
user 0m1.180s
sys 0m10.740s


Anyway, I also tested the patchset from Con, both, with -aa VM and -rmap VM
and I must say, -rmap is much slower than -aa VM.

Testmashine: Celeron 800MHz
1x Seagate 30GB running in UDMA4 (ATA66) mode
Filesystem: ext3, data=ordered

I think with your mashine this could be a bit faster also ;)

Kind regards
Marc-Christian Petersen

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