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SubjectRe: block device/VM question
"A month of sundays ago Thunder from the hill wrote:"
> > there I can do whatever the sysopen with O_DIRECT does.
> I try to say, see how sys_open() handles O_DIRECT. You should be able to
> do just the same.

Well, how it handles it is manifestly unclear. It seems to trace down to
the dentry and call dentry_open(), but with a struct vfsmount as
another arg. I don't know what that's for. It got the vfsmount by aother
esoteric lookup, getting a struct nameidata from the filename via

Yecch. I have the inode of the sepecial device file. I don't want to
know the name. I even have a file pointer.

In dentry_open(), we get a struct file f = get_empty_filp(), and then
fill out various of its fields with enormously obscure things. And for
the O_DIRECT flag we seem to do alloc_kiovec(1, &f->f_iobuf).

I feel that the latter is all I want to do, and the question is to what,
where (I'll clean up on release). Do I do this every time the devices
_open() function is called? Or just once, and what do I do it to? I
should do it to the struct file that gets passed into to the driver
open()? I'll try that. And set the flag.

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