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SubjectRe: block device/VM question

On Tue, 27 Aug 2002, Peter T. Breuer wrote:
> > Why so rough?
> Rough? You mean "approximate"? I was working from my vague mamory of
> what I read in the code on the train this morning.

No, rough. I meant, why not use sys_open()?

> My manpage for open(2) claims no such thing. It doesn't mention
> O_DIRECT. Maybe your libc6 is newer.

Certainly not, as I'm not using libc6. But my manpages are newer, the
latest version is appended. It might clear this issue to you.

> Oh, well, thanks.I suppose you won't give me a recipe saying "do this
> and your device won't be cached", but I'll follow the lead.

I can't, because I don't have your code here and can't tell your needs. I
just try to serve it all. (I mean it all depends not just on where you go,
but also on what you have.)

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