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SubjectRe: I have a question about packages of programs
> Because my first project is going to be a major
> overhaul of the make and/or automake programs. That ./configure
> --prefix=whatever -- src=here command-line-only-interface has got to go.

Rik was more than polite in his response to this paragraph.
My comment would be more to the point of "Don't judge stuff
until you've understood it."

> Having to read upwards of ten or more different documents, scattered in
> what could be several subdirectories, just to find out what all of the
> configure switches are is a real pain in the butt. Is anyone out there
> using anything other than a CRT/monitor with Linux nowadays to compile
> programs ?

Yes. Serial terminals, telnet sessions, hercules monitors serving as
secondary heads, ... And believe it or not, lots of people prefer the
classic VGA 80x25 textmode to do their work even on high-end 21" screens.
In fact anyone who's tried to convince me that having white background
all over the userland (Hello MS Visual C GUI) is actually _ergonomic_
failed miserably. (Ever had a headache from staring into high res graphics
with bright backgrounds? Suppose you've had, just like everyone else.)

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