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Subject2.4.19 Kernel Panic while copying from IDE cdrom
I noticed this CD was a cheap'n'orrible no-name thing and put against a
light source you could actually see some of the media being eaten away
:/ but I just had to try...valuable data thero.
I mounted my IDE cdrom on /dev/hdc and copied the files (with midnight
commander) to vfat partiton /dev/hda5. When the panic occured the
keyboard scroll lock and caps lock lights kept on blinking.


Unable to handle kernel paging request at virual address 63e5b005
*pde = 00000000[
Oops: 2
CPU: 0
eip: 0010:[<c01ca211>] Not tainted
EFLAGS: 00010002
eax: 63e5ae81 ebx: cfef1b40 ecx: 00000000 edx: cfef1b40
esi: c0302468 edi: 000000c0 ebp: cce68000 esp: c028fea8
ds: 0018 es: 0018 ss: 0018

Process swapper (pid:0, stackpage = c028f000)
cf1f1b40 c0302468 000000c0 00000296 c0302424 00000000 cf1f1b40 cff2dec0
c0302468 c01b4edc 00000000 c12ed280 c0302468 c12ed280 c01ca420 c0109b00
000000c0 c01b5b72 c0302468 c02547a2 000000c0 c12ed280 c01b5a10 00000000

Calltrace: c01b4edc c01ca420 c0109b00 c01b5b72 c01b5a10
c011e85f c011b2aa c011b1c6 c011afba c0109cad c0106c20
c0106c20 c010bf18 c0106c20 c0106c20 c0106c43 c0106cb2
c0105000 c0105027

Code: c7 80 84 01 00 00 00 00 07 00 83 7c 24 14 00 0f 84 9f 01 00

<0> Kernel Panic: Aiee, killing interrupt handler
In interrupt handler - not syncing


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