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SubjectRe: I have a question about packages of programs
On Mon, 26 Aug 2002, John D. Coleman wrote:

> want to know is* : Would it be too much to ask of the writers of these
> programs to include in the README file or elsewhere :(1) a description
> of the program, (2) A listing of the files installed, (3) A listing of
> the files that are required to be present for the correct operation of

While I'd like to see this kind of stuff too, it IS too much
to ask.

These programs have been provided to the world for free, without
any warranty or anything else. This means nobody has the right
to "demand" support. You're free to ask nicely, of course ;)

> Sorry. I am NOT going to volunteer to rewrite documentation for programs
> that you maintain. Because my first project is going to be a major
> overhaul of the make and/or automake programs. That ./configure
> --prefix=whatever -- src=here command-line-only-interface has got to go.

Ambitious plan, though I hope the command-line interface will
stay since I use it on an almost daily basis to build RPMS
automagically ;)


Bravely reimplemented by the knights who say "NIH".

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