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SubjectPPP problems I was having
Well, I went out and swapped the PCI 3com Sportster modem with another
spare ISA Sportster I had lying around. Set it up, same problem of
persist option not working properly.
Looking through the syslog again, I noticed this...

Aug 26 08:42:32 tilburybackup pppd[330]: Connect time 0.9 minutes.
Aug 26 08:42:32 tilburybackup pppd[330]: Sent 87 bytes, received 72 bytes.
Aug 26 08:42:32 tilburybackup pppd[330]: Couldn't release PPP unit: Invalid argument
Aug 26 08:42:33 tilburybackup pppd[330]: Script /etc/ppp/ip-down finished (pid 862), status = 0x1
Aug 26 08:43:27 tilburybackup pppd[330]: Serial connection established.
Aug 26 08:43:27 tilburybackup pppd[330]: using channel 2
Aug 26 08:43:27 tilburybackup pppd[330]: Couldn't create new ppp unit: Inappropriate ioctl for device
Aug 26 08:43:28 tilburybackup pppd[330]: Hangup (SIGHUP)

Furthermore, everytime it tries to reconnect, it increases the channel
count. As well, this invalid argument on the release PPP unit seems odd.

I did find a way to get around having to wait 6 hours for the ISP to
hangup. Just pulling the phone cable, letting it time out and attempt to
shut down, and then plugging the cable back in, works.

I finally did a work around:

tilburybackup:/etc/ppp/ip-down.d# cat reset
if [ $PPP_TTY == "/dev/ttyS4" ]; then
poff chatham
pon chatham

This fixes it for now(as poff shuts it down cleanly, but pppd's persist is


Still running 2.4.19 with pppd 2.4.1

If I get desperate enough, I'll go try 2.2.21 the next time I'm in the
area of this facility, to see if it's pppd 2.4.1, or the 2.4.19 kernel
that's causing it.


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