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Subject[PATCH] reduce CONFIG_INPUT as forward symbol


I've been using gcml2 from Greg Banks to look at CONFIG_
variable dependencies in files.

By moving drivers/input/ before drivers/char/
and drivers/usb/ for arch/alpha and arch/mips(64),
several (7) instances of this message:
forward declared symbol "CONFIG_INPUT" used in dependency list
and (6) instances of this one:
forward declared symbol "CONFIG_SOUND_GAMEPORT" used in
dependency list
can be removed. (Yes, the latter one is for OSS drivers,
so it's not so important.)

It also adds one forward dependency for a USB joystick
in the input subsystem [still only for alpha and mips(64)].
Most other arches are already like this.

This patch is to 2.5.31-bk7 (jgarzik's latest snapshot).
Please apply.


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