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SubjectRe: 3 x PDC20267 (ultra100) + software raid5 => kernel panic: Attempted to kill init!
On 24 Aug 2002, T. Ryan Halwachs wrote:

> Hi all,
> hoping you can help me diagnose and correct some problems I am having
> with 3 promise ultra100 cards I am trying to use with 6 WD1200 drives to
> create an ide raid5 array.
> I posted this to the ataraid list originally.
> since then, using 2.4.19-ac4 I was able to successfully build a raid5
> array on 5 disks attached to 3 Promise ultra100 pci add-in cards
> (described in the original thread). I put some files on the array and
> they passed md5check.
> I couldn't unmount the array.
> I couldn't raidstop it.
> When I restarted the machine, it intermittently would not talk to the
> drive on the third card.

I tried basically the same setup here. It works, but on an older machine
(read: not acpi controlled). Newer mainboards are fully ACPI controlled,
and therefore use ACPI to configure and detect devices like hard disks,
hard disk controllers, etc. For some reason, on some boards, devices on
the fourth logical controller (onboard plus three devices) will not be
seen. I've found no solution to this problem. All I can do is curse
manufacturers for implementing ACPI.

This is the only thing I can come up with.

My next step is to avoid software raid completely and drop some money on a
3Ware hardware solution. It's more flexible anyways (and guaranteed to
work). I'm not exactly happy with the Linux software raid (or really, any
software raid at all).

Kelsey Hudson
Software Engineer/UNIX Systems Administrator
Compendium Technologies, Inc (619) 725-0771

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