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SubjectRe: serious packet loss in 25Mbps load,frame size 64byte,duration 60 second. tested with smartbits
On Sunday, 25 August 2002, at 03:44:38 -0700,
Bergs wrote:

> My kernel is 2.4.16.
> performance of eepro100 driver 1.23b version.
> when the data load is 25% of
> 100Mbps,bi-directional,64byte frame size,and the test
> duration is 60 second,the test result display that
> serious packet loss take place. when the duration
> decrease to 10 second,the other test condition matain
> unchanged,no packet losss.
The first should be to identify where the problem is. For example, run a
"vmstat 1" during the test to see if something looks unreasonable. At 25
Mbps bidirectional with a packet size of 64 bytes, there are nearly
50000 packets coming in and another 50000 going out. If there is an
interrupt for each packet sent/received (don't seem to be the case, at
least checking default module parameters for eepro100) you system will
have to deal with up to 100000 interrupts/second, quite a lot for a slow

Hope it (somehow) helps :)

Jose Luis Domingo Lopez
Linux Registered User #189436 Debian Linux Woody (Linux 2.4.19-pre6aa1)
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