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SubjectRe: Combined performance patches update for 2.4.19
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002 22:21:37 +1000

> > > > BTW, thank you for your great work!!
> > >
> > > My pleasure, but really the hard work is done by the developers!
> > Sure, but your "performance" approach is really intersting! Do you use a
> > benchmark?
> I don't really have the time to benchmark these things any more than "it feels
> faster". Really I'm spending way too much time on this as it is and I'm not
> remotely any authority on what benchmarks to use.
Maybe I can find the time to run a few tests, can anyone suggest me an "intersting" test?

> > > > I'm also testing the compressed cache (the
> > > > patch you've discarded, and I got good performance!)
> > >
> > > I'm thinking of eventually merging the latest version of this into 2.4.19
> > too
> > > since it can be enabled or disabled. Depends on the demand.
> > Just an hint ('cause I made some of the test you can see on the compressed
> > cache web page on sourceforge),
> > if you use that patch boot your box with the
> > compressed=XXM in order to set the amount of the compressed cache. My box
> > runs fast and happy with 32MiB or 64MiB of compressed cache. My box has
> > 256MiB of Ram.
> Ok thanks for the info. I believe the newer cc patch (not in my 2.4.18-ck4) is
> better anyway. I'm afraid the cc will be later in the piece assuming I can kill
> off the other bug I've created in the merge. I'd prefer to see a cc patch
> specifically for 2.4.19 as forward porting it to .19 and then to O(1) (and so
> on) are just too many steps.
Fair enough.
I think that soon we'll see the cc path for the 2.4.19, Rodrigo?

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