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SubjectRe: BKWeb Feature request [Was: BK license change]
> Is it possible somehow to sort the cset(s) according to the time they were
> applied to the local tree, and not when they were originally committed?

If this is a correct statement of what you want, we're building it:

Instead of seeing events in time order of creation, you want to
see the events in order of arrival in a particular repository.

I agree that the current view is useless when what you want to know is
when did this change finally make it into the tree?

We're working on a "stack" of incoming events. BK/Web will use this to
give you the display you want and bk undo will be able to use this to
roll your repository backwards by "popping" the stack. You could do

while true
do bk undo -sf

and when it gets done, you'll have no repository, it will have popped it
away. bk unpull will just be come a special case of popping the stack.

Larry McVoy lm at
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