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SubjectBKWeb Feature request [Was: BK license change]
Hi Larry.

Speaking about Bitkeeper, I have a feature request.
The view of changesets on bkbits is usefull, but the sorting does not
give the full picture.

Follow this example:
bk pull
- Do some editing
- Check in changes
- Test the changes a few days
- Submit the cset(s) to Linus
Linus do a bk pull from my repository

When accessing bkbits via the web interface, the canges are listed
sorted after the time I did the modifications, not when Linus actually
did the bk pull, so they may be preceeded by maybe 100 cset's.

Is it possible somehow to sort the cset(s) according to the time they were
applied to the local tree, and not when they were originally committed?

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