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Hey, look. The number is getting bigger :> Now they want to offer us $29
Million US. If only it was real :>
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From: "Ben Ngombo" <>
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Sent: Saturday, August 24, 2002 5:13 PM

> From:Ben Ngombo
> It is my great pleasure to write you this letter on
> behalf of my colleagues. Your information were given
> to me by a member of the South African Export
> Promotion Council (SAEPC) who was with the Black
> Economic Empowerment Commission (Government)
> delegation on a trip to the United States during a
> bilateral conference talk to encourage foreign
> investors. I have decided to seek a confidential
> co-operation with you in execution of a deal hereunder
> for the benefit of all parties, and hope you will keep
> it confidential because of the nature of this
> business.
> Within the Department of Mining Resources where I work
> as the Director of Project Implementation, with
> co-operation of four other top officials, we have in
> our possession, an overdue payment in US funds.
> The said funds represent certain percentage of the
> contract value executed on behalf of my Ministry by a
> foreign contracting firm, which we the officials
> over-invoiced to the amount of US$29,600,000.00
> (Twenty Nine Million Six Hundred Thousand United
> States Dollars). Though the actual contract cost has
> been paid to the original contractor, leaving the
> excess balance unclaimed.
> The Government of the Republic of South Africa believe
> that private investment in general, and foreign direct
> investment in particular, are the real engines for
> sustainable economic development, for which reason it
> has continued to encouraged investment in the key
> growth -oriented sector of Mining with sincere
> determined to pay foreign contractors all debts owed
> to them, so as to continue to enjoy close
> relationship, and a mutually beneficial co-operation
> with foreign governments and non-governmental
> financial agencies. As a result we included ours bills
> for approvals with the co-operation of some officials
> at the Department of Finance and the Reserve Bank of
> South Africa (RBSA). We are seeking your assistance as
> the beneficiary of the unclaimed funds, since we are
> not allowed to operate a foreign account. Details and
> changing of beneficiary information and other forms of
> documentation upon application for claim to reflect
> the payment and approvals will be secured on behalf of
> your company or your good self.
> I have the authority of my colleagues involved to
> propose that, should you be willing to assist us in
> this transaction your share as compensation will be
> 25% while my colleagues and I shall receive 70%, and
> the balance of 5% shall be use to reimburse or
> expenditures, taxes and miscellaneous expenses so
> incurred.
> It does not matter whether or not your company does
> contract projects of the nature described here. The
> assumption is that your company won the major contract
> and subcontracted it to other companies. More often
> than not, big trading companies and firms of unrelated
> fields wins major contracts and subcontract same to
> more specialized firms for execution.
> This business itself is 100% safe, provided you treat
> it with utmost confidentiality. Also your
> specialization is not a hindrance to the successful
> execution of this mutual beneficiary transaction. I
> have reposed my confidence in you and hope that you
> will not disappoint us.
> Kindly notify me by fax or through my email address for further
> details, upon your acceptance of this proposal.
> Regards,
> Ben Ngombo
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