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SubjectRe: VM changes added to performance patches for 2.4.19
> With the patch against 2.4.19:
> Scheduler O(1), Preemptible, Low Latency
> I have now added two extra alternative patches that include
> either Rik's rmap (thanks Rik) or AA's vm changes (thanks to Nuno Monteiro for
> merging this)
> For the record, with the (very) brief usage of these two patches I found the
> rmap patch a little faster. This is very subjective and completely untested.
> Check them out here and tell me what you think(please read the FAQ):

Tried this patch and it applied fine.
The target is a laptop though and I find that this patch will somehow generate
lots of diskaccesses and thus the disk will never "sleep".
Checking out what the reason might be it seems like it is the preempt stuff
writes notes about processes been kicked ouf to /var/log/messages.

Is there a way to shut this off ?

BRGDS and thanks for the unified patch

Dag Nygren email:
Oy Espoon NewTech Ab phone: +358 9 8024910
Träsktorpet 3 fax: +358 9 8024916
02360 ESBO Mobile: +358 400 426312

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