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SubjectRe: 2.4.19 - Promise TX2 Ultra133 (pdc20269) sticks at UDMA33
> > I'm running 2.4.19 with a Promise TX2 Ultra133, but even though the
> > card BIOS reports UDMA mode 5/6 on the drives, they are reported as
> > UDMA33 by the kernel.
> >
> > Trying hdparm -X69 after boot gives the message "Speed warnings UDMA
> > 3/4/5 is not functional."
> I was waiting for this. As I have pointed out several times before,
> there needs to be added a line
> hwif->udma_four = 1;
> at the appropriate place in pdc202xx.c. I don't know where it should
> be, so I can't write a patch.

Andre Hedrick pretty much ignored both of my posts on the issue.

Anyway, how does ide_init_pdc202xx() look to you (line 1141 in 2.4.20-pre4)?
There's this "switch (hwif->pci_dev->device)" which would seem to me to be the
proper place.

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