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SubjectOf hanging menuconfig [cause found]
make menuconfig will hang just after the parsing in the
activate_menu loop in the case where the file scripts/lxdialog/lxdialog
won't execute. Some error codes in this case are caught; but the case
where the file scripts/lxdialog/lxdialog is a binary for the wrong
architecture (case 126) is not caught. This is quite easy to trip if
you are swapping between native and cross building - you get a couple of
errors when you try and build make menuconfig for the first time about
wrong binaries; in my case I just deleted those binaries and did the
make again; however this failure is silent - it just hangs.

A make mrproper is probably the best thing to do when switching - but
the error case needs catching, and I'm sure there are other similar


P.S. This was on 2.4.18-rmk7 but I believe it is general.
P.P.S. Is it a good idea to keep binaries in the scripts subdirectory?

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