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Subjectspin_unlock hang, and IRC question

First, anyone know why I get this when trying to log onto #kernel IRC

greear sets mode +i greear
--- You have been killed by (Username))
--- Closing Link: greear (Killed by (Bad Username))
--- Disconnected (Remote host closed socket).

Now, for the real question: I'm making pktgen threaded. It works great on
a single processor (compiled for single processor). But, it hangs quickly
when used on an SMP (Athlon 2Ghz-equiv) machine.

I put in print statements (I would love to hear other ideas for how to debug)
and it seems that the system hangs trying to unlock a spin lock. Specifically,
I see the first printout, but not the second:

inline static void pg_unlock(struct pktgen_thread_info* pg_thread, char* msg) {
if (debug > 1) {
printk("before pg_unlock thread, thread: %x msg: %s\n",
pg_thread, msg);
if (debug > 1) {
printk("after pg_unlock thread, thread: %x msg: %s\n",
pg_thread, msg);

Any ideas for how to go about debugging this will be greatly appreciated!


Ben Greear <> <Ben_Greear AT>
President of Candela Technologies Inc

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