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SubjectRe: [OT] Re: vfsv0 quota patch

> > I am sorry. I haven't juxtapose this two facts.
> > I hope that this force majeur is not for a long.
> It will pass in some days or weeks, but who is doing the cleaning up and
> the repairs or rebuilds (not of software, but of houses, roads, rail
> roads, you name it) damaged? Who is paying for all that?
> It's not only Prague that has been struck, but also parts in Southern
> Russia, other parts of the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria... Just grab
> a good map and look where the Elbe, Danube and Molde rivers flow, to
> name just three that have wreaked havoc recently.
> Certainly, getting a certain *.cz computer up and running is of a
> subordinate concern in Prague.

Actually getting atrey back was pretty high on priority list :-).

Only parts of Prague (<5%) were hit. It damaged transportation badly, but
otherwise we are mostly okay.
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