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Subject[PATCH] 2.5.31 port PnP BIOS to the driver model
The attached patch ports the PnP BIOS driver to the driver model as well 
as other improvements in driver and device management. It has been tested.


The following are potential changes for future pnpbios patches listed in
order of priority. Let me know if you support them.

1.) Add pnpbios specific interfaces to the driver model, this includes
resource management and escd.
2.) add pnpbios dev id list support, similiar to the devlist found in pci
3.) remove dependancy on struct pci_dev and create a pnpbios specific
dev structure
4.) split the pnpbios files into smaller more manageable files as well
as other cleanups
5.) port some drivers to use the pnpbios driver if available. Should
this include the pci driver?
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